Almost the last thing an architect does is ‘put pen to paper’. Before that, he or she will have listened to the client’s ideas and aims, thought through the feasibility of the project, weighed up potential solutions, and landed on a preferred outcome. Then comes understanding, measuring the existing, so that planned changes can be made to work. Finally, ideas can be presented to the client – to be discussed and possibly refined. Then starts the real work of detailed design, obtaining permissions and managing the project. Environmental factors also play a role in today’s design and your architect will be aware of all the latest regulations.

It takes years to train to be an architect, and the ability to help people turn their ideas into reality doesn’t come easily.

Enlisting the services of an architect should be the first point of any significant change to your property that involves design or alteration. Finding an architect who is willing to listen; is creative; and gets things done, can take a load off your shoulders.

It can make your project the enjoyable experience that it should be.

All architects will be qualified with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Look for the letters RIBA after your architect’s name.

Not necessarily. Usually, you can opt for them to act as ‘Project Manager’ or just employ them to deliver a workable design to you. Clearly, there are advantages in having the architect oversee the rest of the process, as they will understand the proposals, very well.

Fees for a full project management role will need to be agreed up front, so that you can budget accurately.

The role of architects can be far reaching, but will tend to include the following, if appointed as project managers:

  • Interpreting your aims and what you would like to achieve
  • Understand the preferred approach to design (traditional, contemporary etc.)
  • Help set expectations and a timescale for the works
  • Explain the need for, and effectively manage, other professionals (engineers etc.)
  • Provide design drawings (outline for discussion and detailed for submission)
  • Oversee the tender process for builders
  • Ensure all safety (CDM) regulations are complied with
  • Oversee appropriate payment schedules
  • Ensure that works comply with approved and agreed plans
  • Supervise to completion and hand-over
  • Agree any snagging works required

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