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About us

Since 1994, Specialist Xpress has done nothing else but provide property specialist reports and services. Because it’s all we do, our business is totally focused on managing service and quality.

Understanding is KEY!

These initial discussions are an important part of the service and are always appreciated by our customers. Helpful and informed advice come as standard.

Much more than a directory of firms

Over the years, the services of Specialist Xpress have developed their own hallmark of quality:


Our Panel

we SELECT the best firms for our panel - and have been refining them over the last 2 decades.


we TALK to our customers - to make sure we know what you need.


we MANAGE service standards - tracking each job and liaising with specialists.


This is all geared to make sure that you get great quality reports in quick time.

Definite answers in plain English

Fixed fees

Quick turnaround

Estimates for repairs and corrective actions

Highly experienced and qualified specialists

Professionals who go the extra mile

Our Leadership Team

Peter Bray

Non-Executive Chairman

Louise McCausland

Managing Director

Will Bray

Operations Manager

Summary of key reports


Asbestos is generally safe if undisturbed, but inhaling fibres can be a dangerous, so DIY repairs shouldn’t be attempted. Good advice can save a lot of money as well as give peace of mind.

Asbestos can be present in roofing, insulation, stippled ceilings, tiling etc. Specialist checks involve sampling and laboratory testing. Reports show recommended works and costings.

Drains Report

CTV cameras are the best way to assess the condition of underground pipework and to record the direction and condition of drains.

Blockages, root incursion, damaged seals and pipework are all reported. Septic tank/ cesspits should be cleared first to allow a detailed CCTV inspection. The report formats will be acceptable to Lenders and come with costings.

Electrical Report

Only fully qualified NICEIC or equivalent registered contractors are used for these inspections.

Periodic Reports. (This identifies problems with the electrics and lists repairs). Costings for repairs are included in these reports based on findings following testing of circuits.

Gas & Central Heating Report

Contractors are all Gas Safe Registered (This replaced the Corgi registered scheme in 2009).

Central heating boilers and systems can be checked, with pipework and radiators. Gas appliances can be tested. Costings are included in reports for any repairs needed.

Roof Report

Roofing problems like sagging or roofspread can be linked to the structure. We will advise as it’s important to get the right professional on the job so good to talk this through before instructing.

Roof coverings checked. Objective and honest answers – no exaggeration of defects or repairs. Costings are included for any repairs needed.

Structural Report

Our engineers will be qualified as MIStructE or MICE. Although they are investigating a specific structural issue, they will look at the whole of the property to ensure that all factors that may be causing the problem are assessed.

Inspections and reports, therefore, are very thorough and recommendations are clear and definite. Engineers aren’t contractors, so approximate costings are included for the recommendations they make. Engineers can also provide loading calculations, foundation design, roof structures etc.

Mortgage Lenders accept the format of reports our engineers provide.

Damp & Timber Report

All specialists are members of an appropriate professional body such as the Property Care Association (PCA). They give objective and honest answers – no exaggeration of defects or repairs.

Damp and timber reports highlight rising damp, condensation, beetle infestation, dry/wet rot etc. Costings for any repairs needed are included. Formats are acceptable to mortgage lenders.

Tree Report

Trees can cause problems to drains and subsoil which supports foundations. Removal may not be best (or even allowed). Professional advice is always the best to know how to care for trees and their effect on buildings.

Reports often include advice re removal/pruning/root action etc. These reports show recommended works and include costings.

Wall Tie Report

Wall tie problems are usually shown in regular spaced horizontal cracking or bulging of external walls.

Endoscope inspections are carried out within cavities. Costings included for any repairs needed involving replacement schemes if needed. Report formats are acceptable to Lenders.

Jatinder Singh

Excellent company very quick turnaround from visit to report. I can't thank them enough. Special thanks must go to Will, Who from start to finish has been nothing but fantastic! Would use again.


I cannot recommend Specialist Xpress highly enough. They were so helpful in putting me in touch with a structural surveyor under a very tight timeline. The surveyor was equally helpful and visited the site and turned the report around really quickly. Many thanks to Sally for her help in making this all happen.

Roger Clitherow

Specialist Xpress is a class act in all respects and I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who might be looking to secure the services they provide.

Maran White

I have been delighted with the service from Specialist Xpress and with the contractors they organised. I would certainly use them again and recommend them to everyone. The service enables you to fully understand the real value and condition of a property. A money saver in the long term and very good value for money.


We would just like to thank Louise and Martin for their speed and help in arranging and undertaking the structural engineer's report so speedily when time was definitely of the essence! Their help made the purchase of our son's first home a little less stressful, and it was good to meet Martin once we'd completed on the house when he did a comprehensive spec for the building work we'll need. Thank you both so much from us all.

Ben Davies

Genuinely exceptional service! There was a misunderstanding of the report at my bank who then requested a new report. I got in touch with Specialist Xpress via email and got a call from the MD within 30 minutes! She was wonderful and called the bank to explain the situation to them, and then called my Mortgage Broker to update her - stunning service!

Jamie Laughton

Fantastic service from the first phone call to Stuart coming out. Simple and easy. Great service that put our minds at ease in double quick time. Our engineer (Stuart) came out on a Sunday and we had the report he very next day. There contact details are being kept in my phone in case anyone needs them. What more can I say other than thank you all for the help and getting the answers quickly.