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Tree Report

Ensure the health and safety of your property with our Tree Report Services.

Invest in the longevity and safety of your green assets

Often, a tree report is recommended due to concerns that the tree’s roots may affect some part of the building’s foundations or drainage, or that the tree’s superstructure represents a risk. The latter risk is usually one of potential damage to the property in the case of the tree’s partial collapse and is a matter of pruning and insurance. The former issues, however, which relate to root activity can be linked to matters involving structural movement of the building fabric, problems with drains etc.

Trees can also affect neighbouring properties and owners will have to meet their legal (and moral) obligations in maintaining the trees in their possession.Tree reports are helpful is assessing current needs and potential future actions which will be needed to manage and enjoy trees in the long term.

Key report features...

  • Tree Health Assessment: Our certified specialists examine the health of your trees, identifying signs of diseases, pests, or structural issues.
  • Safety Inspection: Prioritise safety by assessing the structural integrity of trees. Identify potential hazards like overhanging branches or unstable trees or impact on your building or drains caused by tree roots.
  • Species-Specific Insights: Receive insights tailored to the specific species on your property, addressing unique care requirements and potential challenges.
  • Risk Analysis: Understand the level of risk associated with each tree, allowing for informed decisions on pruning, removal, or other necessary actions.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Get clear, actionable recommendations to address identified issues and promote the overall well-being of your trees.
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